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Qatray kya hai or kun atay hain (Sex & Health Tips)

Qatray kya hai or kun atay hain (Sex & Health Tips)


Sohag Rat Biwi Ki Sharmgah Se Khon Niklna Zroori Hai Kia

Chote Nafas Walo K Liye Khushkhabri Humbistari Ka Pura Maza Lain

Bgair Dard K Aurat Ki Shrmgah Ki Seel Kholny Ka Treqa

Biwi ko farig karne ka asan tarika Aurat ko jaldi farig karna

Agar aap musht zani chodna chahte hai hindi + Urdu

Niswani Husn Mein Izafa Kese kar sakte hain video lazmi dekhe


Agar Aap Chahte Hai Har Koi Ap Ki Izzat Kary To Is Video Ko Zaroor Dekhe

Kia Nafs Haqeeqat Main Lamba Or Mota Hota Hai Ya Nhi

Agar Aap Haqeeqat Mein Apne Pyar ko Pana Chahta Hai

Bigray Hoy Shohar ko Thek karne ka Wazifa

Murda She Murda Nafs Mein Jan Dalne Ka Tarika

Aurat ko kis Tarah ke Mard Pasand Hote Hai

Fahash Films Sy Chutkara Paen Ka Asan Or Behtren Wazifa

Biwi ki Tange Utha k Humbistari karne ka kya Faida Hai

Aurat Ko Garam Krny Ka Nuskha Thanda Pan Kya Hai Health Tips in Urdu Hindi

Orat Ki Balon Wali Sharmgah Ke Faidy Or Mazy urdu + hindi



Gordon Ramsay sex tips

This video tells you some sex tips from the one and only Gordon Ramsey!

Guys React To Cosmo’s Wildest Sex Tips

“That will cause internal bleeding…”
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how to sex at night some tip

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Improve Your Sex Life WITH Chocolate | HEALTH TIP | QUICKHEALTH


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लिग का तनाव बिना दवाई 1 सेकंड में कैसे बढायें health tips in hindi for man body love tips in hindi

लिग का तनाव बिना दवाई 1 सेकंड में कैसे बढायें health tips in hindi for man body love tips in hindi :- In this video we have discussed a very general health problem of man. Now a days living and eating structure have been change dramatically which is not good for health stamina and immunity power. es video men bataye gye tarikon se ling ka tnav aasani se vapas badh jayega.

Top 10 sex position || Top 10 Sexual Positions|| Top 10 sex tips: missionary sex position

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World prime ten sex position || prime ten Sexual Positions|| prime ten sex tips: missionary sex position


Sixty-nine ten sex position describes a sexual act wherever 2 folks provide one another perversion at an equivalent time. You see however the spherical a part of the varietys half dozen and nine sounds like someone’s screw up head? If you think that of 1 person because the variety six and also the alternative person as number 9, the 2 people’s bodies ar turned {upside down|the wrong way up|the alternative way up} to every other in order that the mouths and privates ar along.

Got it? sensible.

So, here’s the deal, ladies. like every alternative sexual act, not one and all or couple will ten or has got to. If you’re into it, it’s cool. perversion is completely traditional and might be super fun for each of you. however if some man is pressuring you into it? Not cool. It’s your lovely body. something you wish to try to to or not do with it’s utterly up to you.

And if you’re like, “Woah! I haven’t even gotten my 1st kiss however, and currently I’m purported to kiss his WHAT?!” Don’t freak. If you create it to age sixty nine while not ever doing a ten it’s nothing to stress concerning. however a minimum of currently you’re in on the joke!

Now that you’ll ne’er got to raise some tricks of ten once observation this video,”What could be a 10?” once more, what alternative sex queries does one have? Tell U.S.A. within the comments

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7 Sex Tips | healthy relationships | tips for better sex

7 Sex Tips


Sex life? What sex life? You’re a parent and life is so busy that you barely have time to think about your own needs, let alone do anything about meeting them. It can seem like your own needs don’t matter, it’s the children that have top priority and you have to do whatever it takes to look after them. Don’t be fooled, your needs are important and neglecting them isn’t good for anyone, not you, not your partner and definitely not your children. Sure you can’t do all the things you did before children, life has changed and pleasure comes in different ways. But you are still an adult with adult needs and for you to feel fulfilled they need to be met.

So how do you find time and energy for sex when there are so many other things demanding your attention? It takes a bit more planning and effort than in the past but you need to tell yourself that it can happen and it is definitely worth it.

What if you don’t want anyone touching you after having children crawling all over you all day? Some people have a quotient for the amount of physical contact they need and can comfortably accommodate in a day. But if you think about it children touch you differently to how your partner touches you and for the most part, it’s all take.

So how do you have more sex? Okay, how do you have any sex?

1. Make it a priority and it will happen. Feeding the children quickly becomes a priority when you have nagging children at your feet. Make your desires like that and don’t let up until you have got what you need.

2. Find a time that works. It may be early in the morning before the children wake up, it may be immediately after they’ve gone to bed ignoring the dishes and the washing and cleaning up, it may be during the day while the kids are watching a video. You have to make time for each other.

3. Do some things that make you think about sex. It can be hard to switch your brain from babyland to sex so you may need a little help. Watch a sexy movie, read erotic fiction together, write your partner a sexy note, think back to a time when you had great sex (c’mon you can do that, it can’t be that long, surely, you have children afterall!), relive how good it felt.

4. Take a shower together. There is something about getting naked and wet together that can be very erotic.

5. Expect interruptions and don’t be put off. OK you start kissing and you hear a baby cry. You try to ignore it but you can’t. So you go off and tend to them and then think the moment is gone. But it isn’t. And if it is then get it back by viewing the interruption as a diversion which has increased your appetite for sex not soured it.

6. Don’t wait until you get into bed to initiate sex. When you’ve been together awhile it’s easy to fall into habits, like falling into a deep sleep as soon as your head touches the pillow, and sometimes it’s those habits that you need to break in order to kickstart your sex life. Sex can happen anywhere so make use of the spaces you have.

7. And the most important thing you need to do – don’t give up! You can find a way to make it happen. Know that your needs are important and you will function better when they’ve been met.


sex Positions New 2016 Sex Positions | Daily Health Tips Your

sex Positions New 2016 Sex Positions
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